Fit For Life Young at Heart

Go at your own pace, walk around to music, fun fitness

Fitting physical activity into your day on a regular basis, can give so much in return. Get out and exercise; it will help reduce tension, high blood pressure or angry feelings. Regular activity puts spring in our stride, colour in our cheeks and joy in our lives. It can make you feel younger, healthier and happier. Becoming fit isn’t so difficult really – the hardess part is getting started.

Have fun! Choose activities which suit your disposition and bring you some enjoyment and satisfaction. Go at your own pace, walk around to music, fun fitness



The classes are geared to older adults and special needs persons both male and female.

The trained instructors have been involved with this program, in partnership, for well over 35 years and have long time members who have continued to enjoy the benefits of this service.

Our Fit For Life program extends into line dancing and encompasses a fun, hands on experience into the wonderful world of
technology. iPads, iPods, Macs, PC’s, Tablets, Androids and the lot.

Also one of our instructors, Maureen Bruce-Payne, is the administrator of the Are You Okay program (RUOK) run at the
North Bay Golden Age Club. It is a free telephone reassurance system that offers peace of mind to not only the participants but
to their family and friends. For more information please contact Maureen at 705 499 1732